What Is Robots Need Love Too?

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2015 12:13PM EDT

 ROBOTS NEED LOVE TOO is a quirky puzzler where only YOU can help the robots find true love. It’s the romantic puzzle game for today's advanced robots (and particularly clever humans)!
Help two lovesick robots find romance by sliding blue direction arrows to “program” a safe path so they can unite for a tender moment. Avoid guard bots, bypass holes and obstacles, and pick up hearts for high scores. Each level advances a barrier-transcending story of forbidden love as two robots from different sides of the circuit board try to build a relationship. Light up your day with stimulating brainteasers, satisfying difficulty, and the joy of helping a robot couple in love!

ROBOTS NEED LOVE TOO is currently available on the Canadian iTunes App Store as a free download at http://elpt.ms/rnlt

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